Friday, April 13, 2012

Passion II

Students of Science!

Where did the passion go?
Where is the creativity and innovation?
Wake up!

During your training is the best time to explore what gets you fired up. You are the next generation of leaders - explore the world!

I have met some individuals that took it upon themselves to find volunteer positions in the business or non-profit sector while working on their MSc or PhD degrees. These are the leaders. They know what they want or need to do to obtain their goals, They do not only meet the rigors of the graduate student curriculum, but they form their own internships and reach out to people on their own. They find a passion on how to change the world, and they talk to the right people. This passion alone is very attractive and somehow along the way, this very passion will land them the project and/or job.

Leaders that change the world did not look for the boxed job just to pay the bills, they followed their heart...the money will most likely follow. And if you are in the boxed job, try to change things from within! Perseverance, believing in yourself and establishing a support network are the key ingredients.

You are intelligent - invent, innovate and change something for the better! Take a risk - you only live once.

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