Thursday, June 20, 2013

Challenges of Professional Nursing Moms

During my maternity "break," I have had some meetings on skype, conference calls and in person. I must say that all of these were only possible with my trusted team, both at work and at home. At work, I have a great team of graduate students and administrative help. At home, I have a great mother's assistant who helps with school drop-offs and pick-ups for my older children, lunch with them, baby, laundry and light housekeeping. I also have some trusted mothers who can also take my school children for lunch and after school if I am late either nursing baby or at a meeting.

One of the challenges through all this was to find nursing-friendly clothing for postpartum working women. We are definitely not all supermodels who fit back into our form-fitting outfits 4 months later. Most nursing wear are too casual for work. I have a formal work conference coming up, and it was a big challenge just to find the best outfit to nurse in, feel good yet professional in. Button down shirt with a suit? Too stuffy. Nursing tops? All of them were too casual. Wrap-dresses can reveal too much cleavage. After many attempts, I finally found a button-down dress made of fabric and colour (black with fun pattern and colours) which I felt good in. Shoes are black sandal wedges with back-up flats as I will be working all day.

Anyone want to tackle retail for real, nursing women?
This is a definite need.

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