Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Date Your Spouse

It is very important to stay in touch with your spouse or partner. With kids, jobs, housework, bills, home projects, it is very easy to establish a family partnership. You must, to keep everything running smoothly. Sometimes, through all that bustle, you lose each other. To prevent that, try to make time for each other with date night.

No need to hire a sitter and go out, as both of you are probably exhausted anyway by the time the kids are tucked in bed. All that is needed is at least one evening a week where all electronic devices are turned off. No TV, no phones, no texts, no emails, no surfing the web, just the two of you with 2 cups of tea, a long time of conversation and reconnection.

Even throughout the day, as you pass each other in the hallway or help each other with dishes, kiss lightly or hug, in front of the kids. They like to see how Mommy and Daddy are close and loving. They giggle, but inside, they are reassured that everything is ok.

Enjoy your own interests on your own, once a week. My husband plays hockey one night a week, sometimes he goes to the golf range. I have an evening of piano lessons, figure skating, or an art class. We see our guys/girlfriends on our own once in a while.

Send each other love emails once in while.
Read each other's old love emails while you were dating.
And yes, I still feel the "butterflies" when I see my husband in a crowded room. :)

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