Thursday, June 14, 2012

Recent Articles on Improving Graduate Education

Hi Grad Students and Educators,

Here's a 2011 article about recommendations how to improve bioscience graduate education - things we all knew, but validated with stats. Now, let us implement.

Also in the Journal of Faculty Development (May 2012, Vol. 26, No. 2) Matt Helm et al write about nine recommendations for graduate school administrators. I will summarize them here:

1. Provide tailored career services through a collaborative effort with the department and career centres.
2. Aid students in exploring potential career options.
3. Encourage internships, job-shadowing for nonacademic careers.
4. Assess PhD program for all types of careers.
5. Expose students to various career paths by internships, alumni speakers, networking.
6. Aid students in helping them understand the roles they will have as faculty and how to best be prepared for employment.
7. Provide professional development workshops.
8. Adapt faculty reward structures so that they are rewarded for whichever career pathway their students choose.
9. Develop a public PhD career destination database to track career destinations of PhDs to provide faculty and students the realistic job market.

His article is a good read, so please log on via your e-journal provided by your institution.

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