Saturday, April 20, 2013

What to Expect During the First Three Months of Baby

1. Sleep swaddled
2. Nurse one side
3. Sometimes poo, change diaper
4. Nurse other side
5. Sleep swaddled
6. Goto 1.

Other activities:
Step 3) may happen at anytime.
Random moments of wakefulness during the 24 hour cycle.
Random moments of crying anytime.
Lot of hugging and holding.
Lots of looking at baby in amazement...a miracle she is.

For the Mom:
1. Adjusting to breastfeeding takes a month or more.
2. Critical is a cellphone with texting ability to reach out to friends, baby caretakers, husband when you are immobile while you nurse.
3. Your hair will start falling out after 3 months, some more than others. This may be a good time to enjoy a fresh, new haircut.
4. You will no longer need mat clothes at 3 months, but won't be able to fit into your previous skinny jeans. You may need to purchase some "interim" pants and button down shirts, if nursing.
5. Purchase a breastpump - critical for emergencies.
6. A nursing pillow that has a velcro belt works best, not the U shapes ones. They tend to slip out.
7. Take time everyday to shower, take care of your hair and makeup so you feel good about yourself. A disheveled mom is not a happy mom.

Enjoy this early baby time - it goes by quickly!

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