Monday, April 1, 2013

Top 27 Items Required for Baby

Here is the list. Try to obtain these second-hand as baby will not use these items for very long.The big thing for me is, baby does not need all the matching baby furniture such as crib and changing station. I used a Pack-n-Play for all my kids until they were one, and then they were in a twin bed. The PnP is great because it is soft; and when you are traveling, the baby does not have "strange" bed anxiety as you cannot take a crib along everywhere.

1. Carseat
2. Accompanying Snap-n-Go Stroller
3. Shades for car
4. Backpack baby bag (pick a light one)

5. Pack N Play for sleep and travel sleep
6. Swaddler Blankets - Woombies
7. White noise machine or a loud fan
8. Rocking chair (saves your back)

9. Baby Seat or Swing
10. Playmat
11. Baby sling

Bath and Grooming
12. Diaper Change Pad with 2-3 covers
13. Penaten or Zincofax
14. Ecobaby Wash
15. Bathtub
16. Washcloths
17. Nailclippers
18. Baby brush and comb
19. Wipes and Diapers (Costco)
20. GatorBalm for any patches of dry skin

21. Nursing Pillow
22. Cotton BreastPads (NOT disposable)
23. Waterbottles for Mama at night time
24. For Mama: acidopholus
25. Pumping supplies

26. Blankets for stroller on cold days
27. Camera to take LOTS of pictures

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