Thursday, March 28, 2013

Realities of Parenthood

A recent article inspired me to write my own list of the realities of having babies.

1. It is the hardest thing...EVER.
2. Having more than one child is harder than 1)
3. Having more than two children is harder than 2)
For example, I was nursing baby when child 2 had a nosebleed and first child was 3 in the morning...with hubby on a business trip. Ugh.

4. Sleep is a luxury.
5. Free time is a luxury.

6. You learn to function on 2-3 hours of consolidated sleep at a time.
7. Cleaning poo in the middle of a meal becomes the norm.
8. A baby cries, sometimes for no reason.
9. A baby cries, sometimes for a reason you find out after. For example, sleep training baby and after 30 minutes of crying, you check to find a poopy diaper and feel like the most horrible parent.

10. Working from home is only possible if you have help at home.
11. Nursing is painful, especially if you have latch issues or thrush. Yes, I have had both. I am still in pain for the third one, but it has subsided some.
12. Uterine contractions while nursing are like early labour all over again, especially with the third baby. Ugh!

But having said all that, the huge smiles and hugs you receive and the "I love you, Mama" make it all worth it. Crazy, huh?

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