Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Day with Three Kids and Everything Else

Some people have asked,"How do you do it?"
The answer? "I have some help and I don't need much sleep."
Below is a sample timeline of a day with three kids and everything else.

6:30 Nurse baby, play
7:15 Get myself ready and greet older 2 kids
8:00 Baby naps while breakfast with family
8:30 Grade 3 child and Dad go to school/work
9:00 Read/play with kindergarten child, work from home
10:00 Nurse, Mama's helper arrives
11:30 Work meeting or lunch with kids
12:30 Kids back to school
1:00 Nurse then play with baby, prep dinner
2:00 Conference call
3:00 Pick up kids from school, Mama's helper leaves
4:00 Nurse and play
5:00 Dinner for kids and Mama, piano and song time with kids and baby
5:30 Dad comes home
6:00 Nurse and bathtime
7:00 Baby to bed
8:00 Older 2 kids to bed
8:30 - 10 Work
Emails and texts are also exchanged throughout the day, sometimes while picking up kids from school, sometimes while nursing.
10 Nurse (sometimes she skips this one)
1 Nurse
4 Nurse
7 Nurse
Day starts again :)

Whew! Life is full. Mama has to be efficient. There is not one moment when I am not multitasking. What a fun journey! 

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