Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Factors to Consider With the Job Offer

Here are some of the factors besides salary (summarized briefly) to consider with the job offer. Not all jobs will come with these options, but some will.

1. Career development with the job, within the organization
2. Office culture - did you "click" with the people?
3. QOL - how far is the job? Will you enjoy the commute?
4. Vacation (negotiable as well)
5. On-site daycare
6. Benefits - medical, dental, other health-related
7. Stock options
8. Do they promote "Fedex Days" or initiative and follow-through? "Fedex Days" are those days when employees can work on anything that they think need improvement. At the end of the day, everyone gets together over food and drinks to present their ideas. Some of the best ideas and product enhancements have resulted from these days.
9. Management
10. Do you agree with the organization's overall message? I hope you believe in them, or you should not have even applied.
11. Can you deliver more then expected with your own dose of initiative and creativity?
12. Family days available?
13. Last but not least, will you be happy with the actual work?

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